March 24, 2023

Gérald Darmanin will present Wednesday, February 1 his bill on immigration, supposed to facilitate the regularization of undocumented workers by creating in particular a residence permit “jobs in tension”. A text that seems to delight restaurateurs, the main ones concerned by this new measure.

Yet another divisive debate. This Wednesday, the government will present its text on theImigration intended, according to its title, to ‘monitor’ and ‘enhance integration’.

Flagship measure, and very controversial of this project: obtaining a residence permit “jobs in tension” for workers illegal immigrant already present on the territory, valid for one year, in sectors with a labor shortage.

Criticized on the right, as on the left, this reform seems to delight the main concerned. “If some French people no longer want to do this job, I am completely open to taking on foreigners. I need manpower for my customers”, testifies for NEWS Grégory Louis, director of the Esplanade Saint-Eustache brasserie in Paris.

This measure “on an experimental basis” will initially be “scheduled until December 31, 2026”, the date on which a report will study the relevance of its sustainability.

In addition, these provisions will be accompanied by a reinforced fight against illegal work, in particular by fines of up to 4,000 euros (8,000 in the event of a repeat offense) for the employer.

But also a total change of procedure where all the regularization procedures will now be solely the responsibility of the foreign worker.

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