April 1, 2023

Since the forced passage of the pension reform, the various opposition parties have been meeting, claiming to want to vote together on motions of censure. A situation mentioned by Bruno Le Maire, in the columns of Le Parisien.

Two days after Elisabeth Borne announced the use of 49.3, engaging the responsibility of the government to pass the pension reform, Bruno Le Maire spoke at length in Le Parisien. While the oppositions have filed notices of censorship, the one that is most likely to bring together a majority is that filed by the Liot group (Freedoms Independent Overseas and Territories). This should bring together the voices of the NUPES, RN and some LR deputies.

This situation is far from worrying Bruno Le Maire. In Le Parisien, the Minister of the Economy assured that 49.3 was “a democratic tool”, and that there would be, according to him, “no majority to bring down the government”.

The Minister explained that the pension reform was not worth “the fall of the government and the political disorder”. Indeed, if a motion of censure is adopted, the government will be dissolved and new legislative elections will take place. But these elections may not give a majority to Emmanuel Macron and therefore imply a cohabitation, that is to say a Prime Minister of a different political side from that of President.

The motions of censure tabled will be voted on Monday and Bruno Le Maire calls on the deputies to “take [leurs] responsibilities!”, adding that “the government takes its own by agreeing to take responsibility for a vital text, which guarantees the financial balance of our pay-as-you-go pension model”.

“No violence should be tolerated”

Then asked about the social movement which was intensified by the triggering of Article 49.3 of the Constitution, the Minister of the Economy remained firm: “no violence should be tolerated, anywhere”.

Bruno Le Maire nevertheless claimed to understand “the concerns and anxieties of our compatriots, but it is certainly not by denying the economic realities that we will be better off”.

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