June 8, 2023
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While Joana Sanz formalized their breakup, Daniel Alves sent a letter to his wife from prison, in which he regrets his decision and promises to fight to prove his innocence.

It was from his cell that he wrote to his wife. Incarcerated for more than two months in a Barcelona prison, Daniel Alves sent a handwritten letter to his wife, who ended their relationship because of the rape charges against the Brazilian footballer. In this missive, obtained by the Spanish program “Y Ahora Sonsoles”, the player regrets the decision taken by the model after “eight years of love, affection, respect and mutual attention”.

“The last few years with you, everything seemed easier and more pleasant. You and my children were the most beautiful things that happened in my life,” he added. And if Daniel Alves understands the “pain” of his ex-girlfriend, he hopes to be able to win back his heart. “In these difficult times, I regret your decision and hope life gives us another chance to love you again,” he also wrote.

Two months in detention

He also reaffirmed his innocence. “The facts of which I am accused are foreign to me, as well as to the values ​​which have guided my life: love, respect and effort”, he assured. And he intends to fight to the end to demonstrate it. “I will fight until the end with the unconditional love of my children, my parents and those who continue to be by my side, to soon prove my innocence to the whole world”, he concluded.

Incarcerated since January 20, Daniel Alves is accused of rape by a 23-year-old young woman. The facts would have taken place, on December 30, in the toilets of a Barcelona nightclub. Faced with these accusations, the Brazilian has changed his version several times. At first, he assured that he did not know the alleged victim, then he declared that he had simply crossed paths with her in the night establishment. But faced with CCTV footage, he confessed to touching before finally acknowledging a sexual relationship by penetration. But according to him, it was agreed.

Daniel Alves had been in a relationship with his wife since May 2015.

Since his detention, he has seen his requests for release be refused by the Spanish courts because of the “high risk of absconding linked to the high sentence which may be imposed on him in this case”. Justice feared that Daniel Alves would leave Spain to return to Brazil, while no extradition agreement exists between the two countries.

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