March 23, 2023

Houssem Aouar chose Algeria rather than the tricolor selection. Federico Pestellini / PANORAMIC

The Lyon midfielder went back on his choice to opt for the Algerian sporting nationality rather than considering a place with the Blues.

Houssem Aouar announced on Thursday that he had chosen to defend the colors of the Algerian selection in the future rather than those of the France team with which he played there three years ago, during a victory for the Blues against Ukraine. The player who entrusted hisregret“for having worn the tricolor jersey, explaining having done”the choice of the heartin favor of Algeria, spoke on the subject during the Téléfoot program.

Aouar believes that his remarks and the use of the word “regrethave been misinterpreted: “CThis is not what I meant, it was misinterpreted, misrepresented and misunderstood. I said that I regret not having chosen Algeria earlier. It is not a choice against France, far from it. I was trained here, I’m French too. I learned a lot with the French training. I rubbed shoulders with great players and good educators. We love everything that is catchy, it’s a shame.»

The player, who said to himself “ready to face criticism“Explained the underlying reasons for this choice which may have surprised. “When I saw that the president and the coach (of Algeria) came during my vacation to reach out to me, I saw it as a sign of fate“, he declared before insisting, sure of his decision:” It’s a lack of respect (to consider that Algeria is of a lower level than France, editor’s note) towards our country because there are very good players in Algeria. There are so many African players who are among the best in the world: Mané, Mahrez, Salah, Osimhen. It’s not a default choice at all.»

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