March 20, 2023

Windows 11 has just got a new build that will change a lot of things in terms of problem solving. Indeed, the latter allows you to perform “in-place” updates directly from the Settings menu, without going through the Media Creation Tool. We explain what this means (and the advantages that go with it).

Windows 11
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You may not know what an “in-place” update is, but this one allows you to rfix many problems on your PC. A little like the famous solution of turning a device off and on again, an update, or even a reinstallation in certain cases, often makes it possible to clean up an operating system and, in fact, get rid of all elements that can be a source of bugs.

However, these sometimes involve delete all stored files on his PC. This is called a “clean install”. The “in-place” update, therefore, is an alternative to this clean install, since it allows you to upgrade your operating system without loss of files. The problem is that it is not necessarily easy to access for ordinary mortals, since it requires the installation of the Media Creation Tool.

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Windows 11 integrates the Media Creation Tool directly into the settings

This small utility, downloadable from the official Microsoft site, is certainly very easy to use, but it requires knowing of its existence, which is not necessarily the case for everyone. However, as explained above, this little tool can solve many problems on your PC without going through the reset box. The Redmond firm has therefore decided tomake it simple for everyone.

In the latest build of Windows 11, members of the Insider program may indeed see a new button appear in their OS settings. In the section System > Recovery, it is thus possible to select a new option, entitled Fix problems without resetting your PC. Microsoft adds: “The reset may take some time. First try to solve the problems by running a troubleshooter”.

As you will have understood, it is therefore a question here of performing an “in-place” update without going through the Media Creation Tool. The latter will not necessarily disappear in the coming months, if only for Windows 10 users who will still need it, but it is indeed preparing to be replaced on Windows 11.

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