March 27, 2023

It is always a worrying experience when you realize that your bank account is in debt for a payment transaction carried out without your knowledge. Even if the entry into force in 2021 of thestrong payment authentication solves some problems bank fraud, crooks are getting bolder and bolder in stealing your bank details. This article will discuss the main methods of credit card fraud that you can be a victim of. Also, it will give you an overview of the actions to be taken to obtain the reimbursement of the bank in case of fraud.

Reimbursement of the Bank in the event of a scam How to do

Bank fraud: what are the main causes and techniques?

The development of the Internet and the dematerialization of data makes fraudulent transactions more widespread. Criminals are constantly competing to come up with new, more sophisticated scams that make money quickly. The payment card fraud takes first place on the podium, ahead of the direct debit, transfer or check hackingas well as the recent contactless payment fraud.Credit Card Fraud

Causes of credit card scams

Without payment card, no possible scam. The fraudster must therefore obtain your card or access the credit card numbers to carry out his trickery. Fraudulent purchases occur when:

  • the credit card is substituted when sent by the bank to the cardholder;
  • the payment card is stolen or lost;
  • the credit card is falsified or reproduced (counterfeit);
  • the card number is usurped.

Credit card scam techniques

Criminals do not lack imagination to perpetuate fraudulent transactions.

  • the cloningalso called skimming consists of copying the magnetic stripes when paying at a convenience store or withdrawing from an ATM. As to privacy codel, it is captured by diverting the numeric keypad or using a camera;
  • the informative hack allowing illicit intrusion into data systems, servers or networks;
  • I’Phishingotherwise known as phishingis a process by which payment or login information are captured via emails from an organization you trust. Fake emails may appear to be from your bank, tax office, eBay, phone company, etc.

How to react and challenge bank fraud?

You realize that you are a victim of fraudulent charges, while you are in possession of your credit card. Without further ado, you must inform your bank, in order to make a opposition request for blocking the card.

You can also oppose your bank card by directly calling the telephone number listed on it or via the opposition interbank service whose number is: 0 892 705 705.

Then, report the fraud by logging into the site Percival.


Although the maximum delay for reporting an unauthorized transaction either 13 months from the date of debit, it is better to dispute quickly, because the repayment period can be long. Some banking establishments tend to save time by asking the customer for supporting documents as proof of his non-responsibility. To claim reimbursement for bank fraud, we recommend that you send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, which constitutes proof of your approach.

Can the bank oppose reimbursement in the event of bank fraud?

As soon as fraudulent use of your bank card is reported, the payment service provider must prohibit any use of your credit card. According to the conditions of the article L.133-18 of the Monetary and Financial Code, it is obliged to refund immediately the fraudulent transaction, agios included where applicable. Any additional compensation may be credited, if a contractual decision has been made between the holder of the bank card and the service provider.

It is clear that some bank agencies condition reimbursement to a filing complaint at a police station. This modality is illegal and you must refuse by providing your banker with the aforementioned article. The same applies if your adviser asks you to turn to a mediator.

A refund in case of fraud is therefore mandatory, however, you will be obliged to bear financial losses, in two cases:

  1. Your payment card has a personalized security device, like a secret code. If in case of loss or theft of the cardfraudulent payments are made using this security feature before the card is blocked, you are liable for a fee of up to 50 euros.
  2. If it turns out that you are the source of the unauthorized payment transactions or that you have not satisfied by gross negligence to your contractual obligations of security, use or blocking of your card.

In the event that unauthorized transactions are carried out out of Europe, when the card is lost or stolen, the limit of 50 euros is applied, even if the operation is carried out without the use of the security device. Also note that the maximum appeal period of 13 months is reduced to 70 days.

How to avoid bank fraud when paying online?

Two precautions are better than one. Here are some tips to protect yourself from a credit card scam when you make a purchase on the internet.

  1. Double payment security
    This device is in addition to cryptogram visual when you validate an online payment. Your bank sends you a SMS code or via theapplication of your bank accountwhich you must fill in to finalize the payment.
  2. Do not buy from an unsecured site
    Be sure to make a purchase from a site whose URL begins with “https”. It is also recommended to open the site in a private browsing window, thus your passwords and the fields of the form that you fill in are not memorized.
  3. Do not save your bank details on the sites
    Some sites or applications offer you to save your card number to save time during your next purchases. Rather than registering them on merchant sites, get a password and personal data manager like Dashlane. These applications record and protect your credit card numbers and allow you to insert them into a payment form when placing an order.
  4. Do not make purchases on a public wifi network
    The wifi of a public place such as a café, a hotel or even a train station is fertile ground forbanking data interception for a hacker.
  5. Opt for a vigilance of your digital security
    Protect yourself against any hacking attack securing your equipment. Use a firewall and anti-virus, secure your wifi connection, etc. Choose strong one-time passwords.

No one is safe from bank fraud. If this happens to you, make a stop on your credit card and contact your bank immediately. It is required to reimburse you for the losses suffered. To prevent this from happening in the first place, make sure you have strong digital security measures in place. Have you ever been the victim of a bank fraud ? Let us know how you handled the situation in the comments below.

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