March 26, 2023

After the announcement of her concert at the Accor Arena in Paris on May 26, Aya Nakamura is releasing a new album called DLK, this Friday January 27. With more than 3 million followers following the diva on Instagram, this fourth album is eagerly awaited by fans. The opportunity for us to reveal 4 little-known information about his life.

It is undoubtedly one of the most exposed stars, but also the most mysterious of the decade. Aya Nakamura notably made new revelations in the media and on social networks during the promotion of her new album DLK, which will be released this Friday, January 27. But in recent years, the singer has also been able to reveal more personal elements about her career, her choices and her person.

She WAS PLACED in a foster home

The eldest of five children, the 27-year-old young woman recently told Le Monde magazine that she had been taken away from her parents and placed in a home when she was a teenager. His relationship with his father also seems complicated, since he would never have listened to his music, and would only very rarely hear from him.

His stage name is inspired by a series

Nakamura is not his real last name. The young singer is actually called Aya Danioko. His new album, “DNK” also refers to his original family name. She chose the name “Nakamura” in reference to the character “Hiro Nakamura”, from the Heroes series, who has the power to travel through time and teleport.

She was contacted to participate in secret story

aya had been approached by the production teams of Secret Story to participate in the 11th and final season, in 2017. She had refused to join the house of secrets, because she wanted to be a singer at all costs and did not want to have “the label” of reality TV candidate.

She studied fashion

Even if the young woman has been passionate about music since she was little, she had undertaken fashion studies. She was also a saleswoman in a C&A ready-to-wear store, and that a week before recording her very first single.

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