March 27, 2023

Hurry to Godeal24 to take advantage of a great promo on many genuine and lifetime software such as Windows 10, Microsoft Office and many other security software for your PC.


Microsoft Office is clearly the best choice for an office suite. Only problem: its price may be a bit high for most people and not everyone can afford to pay 439.99€ for the Office 2021 Pro license, although it is very efficient. To avoid paying this price, many people decide to turn to a free alternative such as LibreOffice or OpenOffice. However, the compatibility and stability of this software cannot be guaranteed and versions of Microsoft Office are not always compatible with the most recent versions.

But do not panic. We have good news for you: there are inexpensive solutions to take advantage of the latest version of Microsoft Office and software like Word, Excel or Powerpoint without breaking the bank. At Godeal24, you can indeed enjoygreat promo on software. The site offers, for example, Office 2021 Pro for only €24.25!

Take advantage of this event to update your PC. Godeal24 offers you several versions of Windows with a -90% discount compared to the official price. Windows 10 Pro software is available for just $7.25 and it supports free upgrade to Windows 11 Pro. The site also offers dozens of computer tools such as PDF editor that improves your office efficiency like Ashampoo PDF Pro 3 for your editing, viewing, converting and other problems. With Godeal24, you enjoy a unique software shopping experience with a varied catalog.

We detail the offers below!

For your work, you can take advantage of the following software at low prices:

The site also offers several packs with Microsoft Office:

With the code sGO62, you get a bonus of -62% off the offers below:

You can also enjoy Microsoft Office on Mac:

With the code SGO50, you also benefit from the following offers at half price:

And even more software at the best price:

What is Godeal24?

Godeal24 is a reseller of Microsoft licenses and major computer security software. On the site, you can take advantage of Windows and Microsoft Office, but also computer security tools like IOBIT, Ashampoo, Disk Drill, etc.

You can save up to -90% on all these products by avoiding official stores, but while taking advantage of authentic and original licenses. Before each purchase, Godeal24 inquires about the history of each license. This way you can be sure that you are using a license safely. All licenses are lifetime and you can use them for their lifetime. It will be supported by Microsoft and updated like all other licenses.

The Godeal24 site is very reliable and has a very good reputation online. On the review site Trustpilot, the company enjoys an average satisfaction rate of 98%. Among the advantages of the site, we note its low prices, but that’s not all! Godeal24 also offers digital delivery. Your software is sent to you by email just after your purchase.

Also, Godeal24 offers customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by email via the address “[email protected]”.

This article is a sponsored post offered by Godeal24.

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