March 27, 2023

Since Monday January 16, the most modest households using a vehicle to get to work can claim the fuel allowance of 100 euros, paid in one installment in 2023. Find out how to make the request.

The most modest households can benefit, from Monday January 16 and until February 28, from the “worker fuel allowance» worth 100 euros and paid in one go in 2023. This bonus concerns 10 million tax households.

This device, which replaces the general rebate on fuel taxation which expired at the end of December, “equivalent to a rebate of 10 centimes per liter of fuel on the basis of 12,000 kilometers per year traveled on average for business trips”, explained Gabriel Attal during the presentation of this measure in a tax center in Nice last Friday.

Workers’ fuel allowance applies to any type of vehicle, whether two-, three- or four-wheeled, thermal and/or electric. However, these must not be heavy quadricycles with engines, agricultural vehicles or heavy goods vehicles. Company or service vehicles are not affected.

Note that the same vehicle cannot give rise to the payment of several indemnities. To benefit from the bonus, you must be established in metropolitan France, Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique or Reunion and be domiciled in France for tax purposes.

You must also be at least 16 years old on December 31, 2021 and have declared an income from activity, in respect of 2021 income, the reference tax income of which per unit must be less than or equal to 14,700 euros.

Since the payment is not automatic, interested persons must fill out a form on the tax website mentioning their marital status, the registration of their vehicle as well as their tax number. The first payments to the bank account will arrive on January 27 for the first files processed.

An envelope of one billion euros

If the file is accepted, the beneficiaries will be notified by email informing them of the payment of the compensation.


This device represents an envelope of around one billion euros, as detailed in December by the Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

In 2022, the general rebate on fuel taxation cost the State 8 billion euros, or “the equivalent of the budget of the Ministry of Justice”, said Gabriel Attal.

“The general discount helped including French people who do not need their car to go to work (…), French people who have income which allows them to absorb inflation”, underlined the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts .

“I prefer to help the liberal nurse who needs her Twingo to do her rounds rather than the very well-to-do family who takes their SUV for something else,” he pleaded.

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