March 27, 2023

12:22 – 11,000 police deployed in France on Tuesday

Gérald Darmanin has announced that 11,000 police and gendarmes will be deployed throughout France to supervise the planned demonstrations against the pension reform. This is a little more than for the day of January 19 (10,000). 4,000 police forces will be totally dedicated to the procession planned for Paris.

12:17 – Understanding everything about pension reform

The pension reform project plans to shift the legal retirement age to 64 years. Long careers, civil servants, explanations and calendar… The complete summary in our article to understand everything about this text which defeats debate.

12:10 – An increase in mobilization?

The first strike movement of January 19 had gathered between 1 and 2 million people in France (according to the police and the unions), which is beyond the hopes of the organizers. While the executive does not intend to relent on its reform, the mobilization could be, at least, as important tomorrow. According to The Parisian, a note from territorial intelligence counts on “one million to 1.2 million people” in the street. New success in sight for the unions?

12:03 – Why is a strike being organized on January 31?

This Tuesday’s strike day is organized in opposition to the government’s pension reform project. The unions and many French people oppose the postponement of the retirement age to 64, as Emmanuel Macron wishes to establish it. An age which is now “no longer negotiable” according to Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and which could push opponents to an even stronger mobilization.

11:58 – Strike this Tuesday in France!

This Tuesday, January 31, 2023 will be another strike day in France! At the call of the unions, to protest against the pension reform, the French are called upon to stop work and take to the streets to voice their opposition to the government’s project. Processions are planned in the big cities of the country and many demonstrations should also take place everywhere in France. Several professional sectors will be particularly impacted by this mobilization.

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