March 26, 2023
Emmanuel Macron, at the Élysée, on January 3. GONZALO FUENTES/REUTERS

TO ANALYSE – With the pension reform, the head of state finds himself alone in the face of all that he made a point of avoiding.

He wanted to modernize the gasworks, so he was forced to patch it up. This pension reform, the examination of which begins at the Assemblyis not the one dreamed of Emmanuel Macron. At the start, an ambition, written in 2016 on the cover of its program book: Revolution. In other words, completely review the operation of the system. Harmonize all the schemes to form a single one, where one euro contributed would give the right to one euro pension. Way to definitively settle the question of financing, by allowing to play on the amount of the contributions or the value of the point if necessary, rather than piling up the patches every five or ten years.

On arrival, however, here is the head of state converted to the most classic of responses: the parametric. Like all its predecessors, Francois Hollande Understood. The trade union and political opposition got the better of his disruptive will, leaving him alone in the face of everything he made a point of avoiding: high social masses…

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