March 27, 2023

For several months, French schools have been suffering from a significant lack of teachers and the students are the first victims. Faced with this problem, a collective of parents of students from Ile-de-France has launched legal proceedings against the State.

More and more primary and secondary school courses are not guaranteed. And for good reason, many teachers are absent and are not replaced in time. To change the situation, some parents of students have decided to act.

A group of parents ofIle-de-France therefore decided to initiate legal proceedings against the State. An “emergency action”, according to Maître Joyce Pitcher, lawyer at the Paris bar.

The objective is to condemn the government to find a replacement and make up for all the hours lost. With this action, each parent could claim compensation of 10 euros per lost lesson hour or a reimbursement of any private lesson costs.

In 20 years, the national union of high schools and colleges has identified a 60% drop in the number of candidates registered for the competition for the Certificate of Aptitude for Teaching Secondary Education (CAPES). This union already fears the next school year.

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