March 28, 2023

A memorial to the memory of Travelers imprisoned during the Second World War will be created in Maine-et-Loire, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Monday, January 30.

Do not forget. Elisabeth Borne has announced the creation of a museum on the site of the former Montreuil-Bellay concentration camp (Maine et Loire), to remember Travelers interned against their will during the Second World War. The head of government also presented a new plan to fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-Gypsyism, and discrimination linked to origin.

“It is by making it known that we prevent history from stuttering,” argued Elisabeth Bornewhose father, of Jewish faith, was deported and then ended his life when his daughter was 11 years old.

implementation of several measures

Thus, each student will have, during his schooling, to take part in a visit “to a historical or memorial place linked to racism, anti-Semitism or anti-Gypsyism”.

Indeed, the resident of Matignon believes that “it is from childhood that stereotypes can settle”, also denouncing the spread of hatred or conspiracy theories via social networks.

A “civil fine” should also see the light of day according to the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, who said he was working on the subject. It will aim to finance “a fund intended to directly help the victims”.

In addition, Elisabeth Borne promised “total firmness in (the) criminal response”, allowing “the issuance of arrest warrants” against people who “deviate freedom of expression for racist or anti-Semitic purposes”.

a hiring testing policy

Indeed, it is a practice that the government wants to put in place to fight against discrimination in companies, but also for access to housing.

In transport, “reporting devices for all those who are victims of hate speech” are planned by March. Video games and e-sport will also adopt a code of good conduct.

Another plan against discrimination linked to sexual orientation should be presented in June.

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