March 22, 2023
The Minister of the Economy photographed on leaving the Élysée Palace on November 23 (illustration)
BERTRAND GUAY / AFP The Minister of the Economy photographed on leaving the Élysée Palace on November 23 (illustration)


The Minister of the Economy photographed on leaving the Élysée Palace on November 23 (illustration)

POLITICS – They don’t see the report. And that annoys them. This Wednesday, January 25, several elected opposition members were indignant following an article by the chained duck, claiming that the Minister of Economy Bruno the Mayor has ” muffled » a report by the General Inspectorate of Finance on the exceptional profits recorded by motorway concessionaires.

According to the weekly, this expert mission comprising 65 pages and delivered in February 2021 falls under “ much higher profitability than expected “: 12% against 7.67%, corresponding to the rate targeted by the State at the time of the transfer of the management of the motorways in 2006. Advocating a “realignment of profitability”, the inspectors of Finance propose several solutions. Among them, the drop of nearly 60% in toll prices.

Another scenario illustrative ” envisaged: a levy by the State of more than 63% of the gross surplus generated by the two most profitable companies in the sector, and this ” until the end of the concessions “. Which would bring the state 55.4 billion, but which would be illegal in the present state of the law. Reason for which the report leans for the reduction of the tariffs.

In short, enough to provide material for reflection on superprofits (that Bruno Le Maire said he did not know) remained a dead letter, and give food for thought to the opposition, who are demanding to know more about the said report.

“Kind with the powerful, terrible with the people”

Hello Bruno Le Maire, this article raises many questions. We ask to see this report. The national representation, like the French, are entitled to it “, reacted in a tweet the president of the socialist group in the National Assembly, Boris Vallaud.

While the French and the French struggle, we learn that Bruno Le Maire stifled a report from his services which recommended lowering toll rates by 60% because private companies have indecent margins. It’s not acceptable ! “, Indignant the rebellious deputy of Ariège, Bénédicte Taurine.

When Bruno Le Maire protects the superprofits of motorway concessionaires while saying that the coffers are empty to finance our pensions. Kind to the powerful, terrible to the people sums up his colleague from Bouches-du-Rhône Manuel Bompard, of his concert with the Insoumis de la Somme, François Ruffin.

On the other side of the political spectrum, on the far right, the revelations of the “Duck” also caused a reaction. ” Why so much hate against motorists? asks the RN mayor of Perpignan Louis Aliot, recalling that toll prices will increase by 4.75% on average in February.

Nearby chained duck, the Ministry of Transport sweeps away the definitive diagnosis carried out by the General Inspectorate of Finance, stating that ” the levels calculated by the Transport Regulatory Authority do not show any excess profitability “.

In his latest reportthis same body nevertheless observed a 47% increase in net profits over the year 2021, which had piqued the curiosity of elected officials who are connoisseurs of the subject, such as of centrist senator Vincent Delahayewhich calls for a review of the contracts entered into with the companies concerned. In September 2020, a Senate report pointed out ” exceptional profitability of these companies, providing 40 billion euros of gain by 2036. Requested by The HuffPostBruno Le Maire’s teams have not yet responded.

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