March 26, 2023

The Académie des César unveiled this Wednesday the list of nominations for the 48th edition, which will be held on February 24 at the Olympia in Paris. The films “The Innocent” and “The Night of 12” are the big favourites.

With 11 and 10 nominations respectively, the police comedy “L’innocent”, directed by Louis Garrel and the thriller “La nuit du 12”, with the excellent duo Bouli Lanners and Bastien Bouillon, are in the lead for the 48th awards ceremony. Caesar. The high mass of French cinema, which will take place on February 24 at the Olympia in Paris, under the chairmanship of actor Tahar Rahim, will be broadcast live, unencrypted and exclusively on Canal+.

Best film

“The Almond Trees” by Valéria Bruni Tedeschi

“In body” by Cédric Klapisch

“The Innocent” by Louis Garrel

“Night of the 12th” by Dominik Moll

“Pacification – torment on the islands” by Albert Serra

Best Director

Cédric Klapisch for “In body”

Louis Garrel for “The Innocent”

Cédric Jimenez for “November”

Dominik Moll for “Night of the 12th”

Albert Serra for “Pacification – torment on the islands”

Best Actress

Fanny Ardant in “Young Lovers”

Juliette Binoche in “Ouistreham”

Laure Calamy in “Full time”

Virginie Efira in “Revoir Paris”

Adele Exarchopoulos in “Fuck it”

Best actor

Jean Dujardin in “November”

Louis Garrel in “The Innocent”

Vincent Macaigne in “Chronicle of a temporary liaison”

Benoît Magime in “Peace – torment on the islands”

Denis Menochet in “Peter Von Kant”

Best Supporting Actress

Judith Chemla in “The Sixth Child”

Anaïs Demoustier in “November”

Anouk Grinberg in “The Innocent”

Lyna Khoudri in “November”

Noémie Merlant in “The Innocent”

Best Supporting Actor

François Civil in “In body”

Bouli Lanners in “The Night of 12”

Michal Lescot in “The Almond Trees”

Pio Marmaï in “In body”

Roschdy Zem in “The Innocent”

Most promising Actress

Marion Barbeau in “In body”

Guslagie Malanda in “Saint Omer”

Rebecca Marder in “A Fine Girl”

Nadia Tereszkiewicz in “The Almond Trees”

Mallory Wanecque in “The Worst”

Best Male Hope

Bastien Bouillon in “The Night of the 12th”

Stefan Crepon in “Peter Von Kant”

Dimitri Doré in “Bruno Reidal, confession of a murderer”

Paul Kircher in “The High School Student”

Aliocha Reinert in “Little nature”

Best Original Screenplay

Eric Gravel for “Full time”

Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Noémie Lvovsky and Agnès de Sacy for “The Almond Trees”

Cédric Klapisch, Santiago Amigorena for “In body”

Louis Garrel, Tanguy Viel and Naïla Guiguet for “The Innocent”

Alice Diop, Amrita David and Marie Ndiaye for “Saint Omer”

Best adaptation

Michel Hazanavicius for “Cut!”

Thierry de Peretti and Jeanne Aptekman for “Investigation into a State Scandal”

Gilles Marchand and Dominik Moll for “The Night of 12”

Best sound

“in body”

“The Innocent”


“Night of the 12th”

“Peace – torment on the islands”

Best Visual Effects

“The Five Devils”

“Smoking makes you cough”

“Notre Dame is burning”


“Peace – torment on the islands”

Best costumes

“The Almond Trees”

“Colors of Fire”

“Waiting for Bojangles”

“The Innocent”

“Peace – torment on the islands”

“Simone – the journey of the century”

Best Cinematography

“The Almond Trees”

“in body”

“Night of the 12th”

“Peace – torment on the islands”


Best Editing

“Full time”

“in body”

“The Innocent”


“Night of the 12th”

Best sets

“The Almond Trees”

“Colors of Fire”

“Night of the 12th”

“Peace – torment on the islands”

“Simone – the journey of the century”

Best Original Score

Irène Drésel for “Full time”

Alexandre Desplat for “Cut!”

Grégoire Hetzel for “The Innocent”

Olivier Marguerit for “The night of 12”

Marc Verdaguer and Joe Robinson for “Pacification – Torment on the Islands”

Anton Sanko for “Passengers of the Night”

Best Short Fiction Film

“Top hearts”

“Leave One Day”

“King David”

“The Virtuous”

Best Animated Short Film



“Granny’s Sex Life”

Best Animated Film

“Ernest and Celestine: the trip to Charabie”

“My Afghan family”

“Little Nicolas: what are we waiting for to be happy?”

Best First Film

“Bruno Reidal, confession of a murderer”

“Falcon Lake”

“The worst”


“The Sixth Child”

Best Documentary Film

“Let’s go children”

“The Super 8 Years”

“The Oak”

“Jane by Charlotte”

“Return to Reims (fragments)”

Best Documentary Short

“Churchill, polar bear town”

“Listen to the beat of our images”

“Maria Schneider, 1983”

best foreign film

“As Bestas”


“The Cairo Conspiracy”


“Without filter”

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