March 28, 2023

At the end of the deposit of the files of candidatures near Elections Cameroon, 13 political formations express their intention to obtain seats by electoral way in the Senate.

the CPDM, UPCthe PCRN, SMU, SVPthe JDCthe homeless, ANDPthe FSNCthe LOL, UNDPthe FDC and the UCDI are the 13 political parties in the running for the conquest of the 70 seats to be filled by election to the Senate. But, only the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc) is in competition in the 10 regions of Cameroon. In the last senatorial election, Paul Biya’s party won 63 seats out of 70.

To maintain its place as leader in the Upper House of Parliament, the Rdpc is deployed throughout the country. In the South-West region and in the South, for example, the party has no competition. In the East, only Undp is in the race against the Rdpc. In the Littoral region, the ruling party will have two challengers, namely the Pcrn and the Upc. In the North, the Fsnc and the Undp will try to steal the spotlight from the Rdpc.

In Adamaoua, three parties oppose the Rdpc including Undp, ​​Upc and Sdf. In the West, it is the Upc, the Udc and the Ums which form the trio to try to overthrow the Rdpc. In the Far North, four parties are in the conquest of the 7 seats. These are the Rdpc, the Andp, the Mdr and the Undp.

Moreover, the Center region is the one with the most competing political parties. These are five parties namely the Rdpc, the jdc, the Fdc, the Ucdi and the Upc.

In short, in addition to the Rdpc which is present everywhere, the Upc is present in four regions, the Undp in four regions, the Sdf in two regions. The rest of parties are registered in a single region.

At the end of the filing of the declarations of candidacy, the electoral council of Elecam proceeds to the sorting, the verification of the documents to be provided and the conditions to be fulfilled. The body in charge of the material organization of the elections has 15 days to make public the lists of accepted and rejected candidates. Under the terms of article 131 paragraph 1 of the electoral code, this publication is made no later than February 12, 2023.

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