March 28, 2023

A spectacular change of tone! Between the famous “message from the traditional chiefs of Lékié to the President of the Republic” and the staggering “communiqué”, what happened? We learned that between January 25 and 27, the speaker (the one we see on the video reading the collective message) of the group “rebels” as some liked to call them, His Majesty Essoa Etoga Gabriel Sylvain, was auditioned at length at the Secretary of State for Defense (SED).

Did this hearing-pressure get the better of his early indignation and his incredible message to the person who embodies the republican institutions, in a context where these institutions have clearly failed to ensure the safety of a citizen (Martinez Zogo ), who knew he was in mortal danger and asked for protection?

Either way, the lesson to be learned is that you should never give in to pressure. Even less act without conviction.

Either way, you become the laughingstock of the whole country.

The influx of demeaning words betrays the desire to humiliate these leaders, who, it’s a safe bet, were made to sign a text written by a mischievous hand, in search of positioning, anxious to show in high places that the situation is under control (in Lékié) and burning to chastise the lost sheep. Moreover, the degree of contrition and genuflection noted in the press release is quite explicit on this design of the “elite”.

Hold! After having taken, they said, these serious decisions,
in the “name of the populations of Lékié, here are the same chiefs who ask the” excuses “to these same populations” for having offended their collective conscience”. Logically, do we ask for an apology from those whose will we say we relay? What a shame !

Under pressure, these traditional leaders let themselves be stripped of what a man holds most dear, namely his dignity.

Instilling fear and breaking the determination of citizens has always been the political project of the regime. It is to better achieve this that, among other crimes, the true history of Cameroon is not taught for fear that generations will be inspired by the sacrifices of Um Nyobe, Moumié, Ouandié, Afana, Manga Bell, Samba, etc. Sad!

Thierry Djoussi
President AJAD

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