March 26, 2023
46% of young people under 34 do not consider it problematic to refuse their fiancée to see other men. Adobe Stock

DECRYPTION – While bathed in the #MeToo atmosphere, people under 34 are surprisingly supportive of sexist behavior, according to the 2023 Sexism Barometer.

The generation “MeToo“Has she lost her footing? In the Sexism Barometer*published on January 23, 2023 by the Vivavoice Institute for the High Commission for Gender Equality (HCE)males under 34 are the most affected by sexist beliefs and acts.

Insistence on having sex, slapping the young lady, refusing to allow her to see other men…”The most violent manifestations of sexism are getting worse“, especially among the “younger generations“, warns the High Commissioner for Gender Equality. “It is urgent to take into account the results concerning the male generation of 25-34 years.»

What happened to this generation that was fed into the #MeToo liberation movement during their high school and student years? Nearly half of those under 34 do not consider it problematic that a woman does not have the right to see a man other than her fiancé, more than a third do not condemn…

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