June 8, 2023
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sophia aram
YouTube screenshot sophia aram

YouTube screenshot

Sophia Aram, here in her column on France Inter, Monday March 20.

CONTROVERSY – While the falling out with Cyril Hanouna does not fall, Sophia Aram ventures into more personal territory. This Monday, March 20, the comedian once again returned, in her column for France Inter, to the attacks she was subjected to by the host of C8 and her fans. And to take the opportunity to address the legal history of his mother, an element which was tackled in the middle of the show the controversial presenter.

To all those who keep telling me that my mother deserves to spend her days in prison, I would like to tell them that I agree with them. “, she said in particular. “Obviously, for dumb people like Hanouna and her horde of fanzouzes, it’s a bit complicated to understand, but like all children who have had a delinquent and abusive parent – and my mother was both – it’s a point of view quite common “Blowed Sophia Aram.

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Why didn’t she ever say it? ” I was ashamedcontinues the columnist. […] I’ve been ashamed for almost fifty years. » Referring to the approach of menopause, she says she thought: “I said to myself that I could take the opportunity to decide to rid myself of the guilt of having had a delinquent and abusive mother. »

“I have been silent for twelve years”

Attentioncontinues Sophia Aram. I have always thought that no one is responsible for the actions of their parents and that the only thing that can be blamed on someone is to take over the moldy heritage of their parents, a bit like a daughter would take over the political heritage of a small family business such as that bequeathed by Jean-Marie Le Pen to his daughter Marine. »

Monday March 13, and after a column by Sophia Aram in which she knocked out the arrival and the lunar remarks of the conspirator Gérard Fauré in TPMP, Cyril Hanouna spoke about the legal history of Khadija Aram. ” She is accused of having fooled people in an irregular situation by dangling residence permits while she was deputy mayor of Trappes. Not pretty…”, attacked Cyril Hanouna. Before concluding : “ Sophia you already have a job with your family, let us go! »

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But Sophia Aram is fed up with being shoved into this affair after each column. ” And I’ve been silent for twelve years. Even when Nadine Morano attacked me on my mother I didn’t dare say anything “, she laments. According to Sophia Aram, the words of Cyril Hanouna say it all ” about him, about his violence, about the importance he places on heredity and blood, as a bearer of indignity, ignominy or downgrading… But still nothing from me. “End of the pass of arms? Surely not, knowing the pleasure that C8 and TPMP take in prolonging this kind of skirmish.

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