March 27, 2023

Many will say that the fish is not the pet with which we can have the most interactions.

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However, that of a Japanese “gamer”, he not only plays video games, but also created a PayPal account and made purchases with his owner’s credit card.

The whole scene was reportedly captured live on a broadcast platform.

Apparently, the Tetra was already well known to the gaming community.

Indeed, its owner has several well-filled aquariums that he allows himself to present to his subscribers on the web when he plays live on platforms such as Twitch.

The YouTuber, known as Mutekimaru, has installed sophisticated motion-sensing tracking software in the aquariums, allowing fish to remotely control a Nintendo Switch console.

The player can thus play with his invertebrate friends to the delight of subscribers.

After a bug in the game, Mutekimaru walked away from the console and that’s when the fish continued to perform actions only waving its fins as usual.

Over the next seven hours, the fish reportedly managed to change the name of its owner’s Switch account before logging into the Nintendo Store twice, where users can purchase games and other downloadable content.

He also reportedly managed to agree to the terms of service, upload a new avatar, and even create a PayPal account from the Nintendo Switch.

The fish was also seen adding 500 yen ($5) to Mutekimaru’s Switch account from his credit card during the live stream.

The goofy incident went viral on Twitter.

The “gamer” would have made a refund request to Nintendo who did not want to comment.

According to information from CNN

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