June 7, 2023
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The emotion was at its height in the 168th and final episode of The Breakawaywhile the voice of Isabelle Boulay accompanied us to say goodbye to the characters who entertained us every Monday evening for seven seasons.

It’s on his song better than here concluded the soap opera created by Michelle Allen and whose last three seasons were knitted by the main author Mylène Chollet. Warning: If you haven’t seen the episode yet, the leaker alert is sounding now…

Four years have passed in Sainte-Alice and everyone is converging at the Le Havre Hotel and Spa operated by Martine (Sophie Bourgeois) for the wedding of… Jade (Charlotte Aubin) and Xavier (Félix-Antoine Duval), who found themselves never to leave each other again. Jade now operates the Majama Foundation and Xavier is the star chef of the restaurant Chez Étienne, which is recognized by food critics.


It is a moving conclusion full of light that has been offered to the hundreds of thousands of followers of The Breakaway, as if we had wanted to sow a little hope in this community which has experienced its share of drama (and murder) in seven years. The main characters, those we met in September 2016, at the very beginning, were from the finale.

Robin (Jean-François Nadeau) now works for the Majama Foundation, which is in the process of creating an intergenerational living environment called L’Arche in the former premises of L’Échappée. Robin and Sandrine (Marie-Ève ​​Perron) now have a 4-year-old daughter, Emmanuelle (Simone Bellemare-Ledoux). Everything seems to be going well for Manu (Sam-Éloi Girard), who is also Emmanuelle’s godfather. He studies at Laval University to become a specialized educator, like Robin, and love shows up for him at the wedding of Jade and Xavier.

Of course, Noémie (Anick Lemay) is back in Sainte-Alice for the big celebration, with Mateo (Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon). When she visits the future premises of L’Arche, Noémie is moved by remembering her work as a counselor at L’Échappée. Archive images allow us to see many characters worn by emerging actors, such as Laurie Babin, Émilie Bierre, Kelly Depeault, Étienne Galloy, Éléonore Loiselle, Sophie Nélisse and Noah Parker.


The ghosts of Sainte-Alice are also present at the wedding, but no mention of serial killer David Lelièvre (Patrick Hivon) in this last lap. We learn that Clément (Rémy Girard) finally died, as did Brigitte (Julie Perreault), Jade’s mother and the main character of the soap opera at the start. No further explanation is given for this.

The very last episode contains many beautiful landscapes of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, as Amalga productions have accustomed us to over the years.

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